Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Planet Earth: Behind the Scenes

            Planet Earth is an astounding documentation of the diverse beauty and lifestyles in the world that are hidden away, still around, and dying out.  The entire film crew witnessed and filmed history and life in a way that the world has never seen it before, proving how little we still know about the planet that the human race is taking over.
            Being a member of a film crew myself, I realize the kind of effort the Planet Earth film crew had to put into their work.  Such devotion is clearly displayed in the extras clips, as well as through the wonderful final product.  The CineFlex high definition camera, used while flying over locations to document landscapes and the animals’ interactions within those areas, was quite impressive.  Technology and equipment has become so advanced in today’s world, allowing us to bear witness to some of the most remarkable places and occurrences on the planet.  The equipment has redefined what is considered exotic and rare, as it gives us first glimpses into a world we either didn’t know existed or had no prior method for viewing it.
            But the fancy new equipment is useless without the dedication of every single member of the film crew.  Each team of the crew devoted five years of their lives just to filming – I cannot even imagine going through all of the footage in postproduction – in 400 of the most extreme places on Earth.  They put their lives in danger at great heights, in extreme temperatures and conditions, at risky distances to animals, and through other life threatening situations to bring back documentation of things that even shocked scientists, along with the rest of the world.  I am deeply appreciative of their tiring efforts so that I may experience up close the mysteries that exist in the same world that I do.

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