Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Final Portfolio

     When I first began the class, I was looking forward to seeing all of the beautiful spots hidden away in nature, so I could feel as though I was escaping to a land that many do not dare to venture into.  but, when I arrived at every single one of these places - some quite difficult to get to - all I found was the extremely noticeable trace of visitors because of the things they left behind.
     I was hurt to see that so many places are not cared for or respected, especially when these locations are reserved and traveled to for the sole purpose of reconnecting with nature.  We need to escape the world that we have built around us; the world that now traps us like a penitentiary.
     Instead of photographing the beauty of nature, I decided to document everything that I found out in the wilderness that people left out of ignorance.  It was a very interesting way to wander through nature, with my head tilted down towards the ground, in a rather ashamed posture, as I looked for garbage and extremely harmful objects that other people or animals could certainly injure themselves on.
     Towards the end of my trips, I noticed a small empty milk carton hanging on a tree, along with painted birdhouses, with a large hole cut out of the side of it.  It was relieving, as well as inspiring, to see that someone out there who also escapes to nature decided to turn what garbage they find into something that can be useful.
     As I took these trips for the class, I collected many objects - to help nature and all living creatures out, as well as to make things out of them.  This way, people can see that what they toss out in the wild is not trash, but something much more valuable - and by creating and purchasing trash-turned-beautiful things, it spreads awareness for preserving nature.