Monday, March 26, 2012

Moraine State Park

     All semester I had been looking forward to going to Ohiopyle State Park with the class, since people have been telling to go there for years, saying that I would love it.  But, about a month or so before the trip was to occur, I realized that my goal of going to Ohiopyle would not be achieved because I had the greater opportunity of being my friend Margaret Wells's maid of honor in her wedding on the same day as the trip - which was also her 21st birthday and St. Patrick's day.  But, the fun doesn't stop there.  In addition to being there by the bride's side the whole time for assistance and support, I was also the official wedding photographer (yes, it was quite interesting, as one can imagine).  Since I was supposed to be taking photographs for my nature photography class and had to have my camera with me for the wedding, I decided to take pictures for my assignment directly before and after the ceremony, which was held on the frisbee golf course at Moraine State Park.  Here, I saw the reoccurring garbage thrown into the nearby brush, being consumed by the sticks and weeds.  But I also observed the litter of the wedding guests - instead of just seeing the aftermath of an ignorant humanity, I witnessed it as it happened.  Yes, most of the garbage was taken with the guests before leaving for the reception, but there was still an abuse to nature to be noted.




Forgotten blossom


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