Saturday, February 11, 2012

Trough Creek

     At 6am, the class ventured through the falling snow to a place we hadn't trekked before.  Trough Creek was a peaceful way to spend a cold Saturday.  Upon first glance of my surroundings, I could see the possibilities for photographs to come.  The silence that the snow brought as it heavily fell on me was desperately needed cleansing for my mind.  I was out there for one purpose only -- not to worry about all the papers I need to write, or about how I'm going to balance everything in my schedule evenly, or why my recent evil headache is so persistent -- to photograph.  I slipped on ice, I crawled through snow and muddy leaves, I tiptoed across stones barely peeking out of the quickly flowing water that I did take the moment to dip my bare hand in (its gray-blue color was mesmerizing as it rushed past and beneath me...I felt like I hadn't seen water so cold looking since I watched the second half of the Titanic -- I only watch the second half because, let's face it, it's the only part worth watching), I climbed down a steep hill because the pleasant pathway nearby had a no trespassing sign, I tripped hiking up large rocks, I ruined two pairs of white gloves, and I had a blast.  After this trip, I think I have given myself some ideas for what my final portfolio should encompass, so I shall be fine-tuning these ideas during future trips.  I'm looking forward to more adventures, more photos, and a portfolio that represents my artistic vision.

The only human brand:  Destructive



The depths of winter


The sad truth about picnic grounds

Shivering sun

The slow process

Ever flowing chill

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