Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Frankfort Mineral Springs

It was nice to go to Frankfort Mineral Springs because I had never been there specifically (even though I've been to that general area).  Although the place had clear signs of human existence, the springs had a much more natural feel to them than Presque Isle did.  There were still trails to follow, but I was able to deviate from them a little in order to photograph what I was looking for - or, expecting to find.  The springs were less of a tourist attraction than the locations previously visited, so I felt that what the springs had to offer was more pure and necessary to photograph.  In a place like the beaches of Presque Isle, thousands of people have similar photographs of the landscape, where in a place more isolated like Frankfort Mineral Springs, the nature appears untouched and sometimes ignored.  We need places like this on our planet not just to preserve nature, but to look at it up close and in person in absolute awe of how such diverse and beautiful things came into existence and coexist with the surroundings.  Science is constantly fed to us so that we may understand nature, but I think there is way more about it that deems science inefficient.  Nature is not just a ton of classifications and documents and experiments.  Nature is the essence of subjectivity.  It's what forces us to see beauty in everything - whether it be a bird of paradise flower or the bodily functions of glow worms or some speckled rock that stands out among millions of other different stones.  It's what teaches us to see beauty in each other.  And we create this never ending loop when revisiting nature with each other to refresh ourselves.

Grown over

The tree watches all who wander along the trail.

Just like angel wings


Frozen leaves



Our planet

Crystal clear

Clash of color

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