Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Abandoned Turnpike

     The last trip of the semester for the specialized nature photo class was to an abandoned section of the Pennsylvania Turnpike.  This trip was much anticipated by the class, for there was an extremely long tunnel with an awkward bend in it that prohibits one from seeing ends almost entirely when in the middle.  The walk to the tunnel itself was pretty far, very bumpy, and full of crickets and quite an array of butterflies.
     The tunnel is quite large in height/width and very creepy, so I made sure to load myself up with glowsticks before wandering into it.  It was the sort of place that you see stupid actors in horror and zombie films run straight into, as though it is the only choice for survival, only to be slaughtered by an invisible attacker in the blinding depths of darkness.  As the tunnel got darker and seemed to be closing in on us, I felt it was a good time to inform the friend I was hiking with that I have a major fear of caves, and that said fear extends to pitch black, 50 year old abandoned tunnels.  Conveniently towards the center of the tunnel, her flashlight died.
     I was expecting to see a lot more rubble within the tunnel, as well as graffiti, but the structure is holding up pretty well and artists seemed to prefer the concrete canvas out in daylight - can't say I blame them.  I do have the intention of going back to the tunnel in the summer because I would really like to wander through the doors at the ends of the tunnels and see what abandoned equipment, machinery, etc. can be found and photographed upstairs.
     Overall, it was a wonderful way to end the semester of adventures with the class, concluding the fun with a cookout after the 6 mile hike.  I really wish the class was a year long, but at least the experience gives me locations and inspiration to continue these adventures in my free time.






Sparkling light

Left to the dust

Fragile bed

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